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Consortium Software introduces Stackable Software; a new and innovative cloud driven platform for Accounting, Digital Marketing, Employee Tracking and Dispatch, Sales Pipeline Management, Training and Policy, plus Digital Form Creation and Database solutions for your business.  This is an exciting and efficient new way to support the needs our clientele without unnecessary and complicated bundling.  Simply add a service to meet one requirement and expand to our other cloud based enterprise solutions with the click of a button.  With no contracts or cancellation fees, Consortium Software is a leader in providing quality computer software solutions without the hassle.  All of our affordable tools are Android, Apple, Tablet and Desktop ready and the intuitive interface makes onboarding a breeze.  The cloud based solution you’re looking for is here!  Quality, Function, and a Low Price… Digital Stackable Software Solutions for the Future!

Stackable Software Solutions for all Industries

Drive your sales force.

Sales Tools and Apps

Employing modern features such as eSignature, custom App creation, smart cross-selling features, client reminders, form digitization, real time data sync and contract management, our Sales tools are the best in the business.

Makes Great financial since.

Managing Finance

Our Point of Sale software features easy integration to eCommerce, real-time feedback of inventory, employee productivity, sales, plus seasonal and historic trends. Seamlessly track all aspects of your transaction from quoting to purchase orders, invoice creation, and customer billing. Connected at every point from beginning to end!

Improve your operations.

Simplify Operations

Consortium Software's enterprise suite includes digital sign management, fleet dispatching, GPS tracking, scheduling, media capture, digital form management plus advanced time clock analytics. Whether your business staffs 10 or 10,000, we have solutions to fit your needs!

Human Resources you can count on.

Human Resources

Hiring guidelines, training courses, benefits tracking and employee records all in once place! Create policies and training courses easily accessed by employees digitally and 24/7. Monitor participation and track compliance with ease.

Stackable Software, Build Something Great!

Purchase the entire Stackable Software platform, or just pay for what you need. Software simplified.

Increase Efficiency

Stackable Software is extremely affordable and our competitive pricing translates into saving you time, money and energy. Remove the worry of keeping up with the day-to-day operations of your business so you are free to manage what matters!

Tailored To You

Our easy to use interface and intuitive software takes away the pain of "learning a new thing". Designed for both large business's and small entities, our cloud based software can be customized to whichever level you are comfortable.

No Commitment Needed

At the click of a button only pay for the features you need! No more wasted money buying things your business doesn't yet use! We grow with you and at no risk!

What Stackable Solution are you looking for?

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