Durable CMS

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Transfer your Website or Build from Scratch

Whether you have an existing site and are simply looking for a better way to manage and update it, or you are breaking ground on a new one, Durable Content Management System is for you. An existing site can be migrated with ease even if you don't recall where to locate the original files. Our editing layout is straight forward and is similar to creating a simple word document. Our Content Management System that features a easy to use toolbar for all your editing needs. For a more advanced user, easily switch back and forth between seeing the preview layout or the source code behind it all. Included is a selection of free templates that are mobile and tablet friendly and provide a great head start to your new website!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or "SEO" is the accumulation of marketing strategies used to get your website returned higher in the search results of Google and Yahoo. If your potential customers can't find your site, there's little need to maintain one.  Durable CMS wants to change all that, with automatic search engine optimization, you won't have to worry about high search engine rankings and relevant keywords.  Try it today!