Legal Book & Seal

Corporate Veil Protection

70%+ of all Small Business Owners, Can Be Found to Have Pierced The Corporate Veil & Don't Even Know it!


With Legal Book & Seal, you keep all of your corporate records organized and safe, you can monitor your monthly or quarterly minutes, keep all of your employee or contractor records safe and in one place... All 100% encrypted, with desktop & mobile access!! 

YOUR assets are safe with our Corporate Veil Protection!!

Legal Book and Seal protects your business with the comprehensive legal documentation of all your corporate formalities, defends your personal assets against seizure and strengthens the weak points in your corporate veil.

Legal Book & Seal was designed by business attorneys specifically for corporate secretaries, lawyers, business executives, Board of Directors and business owners responsible for maintaining and managing the corporate formalities for your company.

LB&S is more than just peace of mind against a court's veil piercing actions.  It is a place to store sensitive business documents, information on shareholders, LLC Members, and directors, as well as stock ownership data and outstanding warrants and options.

Think of LB&S as a secure online ledger of company ownership information & MUCH MORE.

Now is your chance to start operating like the multi-million dollar corporations. Not only will you gain instant access to the ONLY application that can assure you the resources you need to adhere to corporate requirements and protect the corporate veil, but you will also receive exclusive access to the private BONUSES below…

What Do You Get?

Instant Access to Our Legal Book & Seal Application ($1,000 a Year Value): 
Corporate & LLC Tracking for Organizing and Securing All Your Corporate Records. A Minutes Module for Easily Documenting Corporate Minutes, Encrypted Records Vault to Secure Docs & Digital Signature module for secure Document Signing. 

  • Private Access to a Library of Legal Forms ($2,000+ Value): 
  • Gain Instant Access to Our Vault of Private Corporate and LLC Legal Forms.
  • These Forms Have Been Sold for Up To $600 for Just One Legal Form, Yours 100% Free when you join.