Sign Controller

Control Digital Signs, Kiosks, and Displays with Sign Controller.

Boost customer interaction & advertise in a new way that will keep your the attention of your audience!


Sign Controller is a state of the art system that allows users and business owners to immediately and remotely manage a variety of digital displays. Digital Kiosks, Electronic Menu Boards and Changeable Reader Board Signs are a great way to interact and communicate with customers, clients, and employees. Sign Controller utilizes straightforward technology to update content allowing immediate changes and additions from anywhere in the world. Additional features of Sign Controller include retrieval of live content from other vendors, displaying images, movies, training media, consolidated dashboard data, news tickers, and much more. Use Sign Controller as a method to debut new products, up-to-date announcements, or emergent messages required to keep well informed in todays interconnected world.

Deploy digital signage in remote locations and manage them 24/7 with our online management console. One person could easily manage hundreds of displays in many different locations from one, easy-to-use interface that can be accessed from the office, at home, or on the go. Create and manage multiple user accounts, view your displays, change the pages displayed on the screen, write something on the fly and insert it into the pages, or manage the applications running on the displays. You can also setup automatic alerts that provide information about the status of your displays.  One, powerful solution to all your digital advertising needs!