Tactical Analysis and Briefing System

Powerful Dispatch, Tracking, and Reporting Software

TABS is a mobile / desktop dispatching, tracking, and reporting software for all industries large or small. TABS employs powerful features beyond simply tracking users GPS location including; mobile dispatch, report integration, instant messaging, time tracking, invoicing, and a job-by-job time card system.  Dispatch, direct, and schedule employees remotely, in real time! Track current location, speed, direction, historic positioning, and current GPS.   Employees can be dispatched to a job site, complete work orders and forms, and be dispatched the next job site, clock-on or clock-off all from any mobile device (iOS & Android) such as a cellular phone, tablet, or computer. On the job site, TABS offers the ability for the employee to select report information such as job site, relevant notes, and a job completion summary that can auto fill invoices and time card sheets streamlining productivity. TABS supports various media to be attached to jobs, uploaded, and viewed in real time.  Learn more by visiting our website!