Training and Policy System

Online Training and Policy Management System

TAPS keeps you and your team working in sync


TAPS manages agreements and policies set forth by your organizations leaders, as well as your Training documentation and videos.

Businesses large and small can implicate TAPs to ensure continuity within the organization. TAPs can consolidate all business policies in a single location that's easy to update and alter if the need arises while offering a user-friendly experience to the employees.

TAPs supports video or text based lessons, speeding up the onboard process of new employees considerably. A new employee can be given a TAPs login and assigned several lessons about company policy, the product they'll be working on and even the company dress code. Once the course requirements are met, they'll be ready to start work, and you'll be able to refer them back to TAPS for any policy-related questions.

TAPS is also ideal for businesses who work with remote or distributed locations. Since the tracks and instruction are all available online, businesses don't need to worry about scheduling (or rescheduling) the training around employee's different locations or schedules.

TAPS ensures legal compliance through its monitoring and tracking capabilities. Having proper documentation that an employee did in fact read the unexcused absence policy will be invaluable in legal proceedings should they arise.