Unified Communications (UC) platform

Bring together email and SMS (text) messaging technologies into one unified content-aware system

UCGateway is a Unified Communications (UC) platform that brings together email and SMS (text) messaging technologies into one unified content-aware system. Our unique software gives you more power to reach customers, manage business communications, and learn about your demographics. Our powerful content analysis system allows clients to reply to your messages as UCGateway searches for keywords and phrases and filters them through predefined rules and triggers to carry out any task imaginable.

Automated Correspondence

Our unique system allows you to automate your communications and maintain client relations without lifting a finger. Create automatic appointment reminders and confirmations, send newsletters and announcements, integrate UCGateway into your scheduling system and vastly improve its efficiency.

Dynamic Client Interaction

Advanced content analysis allows UCGateway to recognize keywords and phrases and trigger a response or data entry. Automatically handle subscriptions and opt-outs, request confirmations, analyze responses to marketing campaigns, hold contests, and so much more. Take client interaction to a whole new level.

Highly Customizable

UCGateway is not a single product, rather a highly customizable Unified Communications platform that merges email and SMS (text) communications into one intelligent system.

Data Retention

Build a client contact list based on emails and SMS messages, use content filters to gather statistically significant information from client responses, or store individual client preferences to give them the best experience possible.