Office Worker at desk

What is Stackable Software?

All businesses large and small have the same basic needs typically encompassing accounting, invoicing, employee time card management, and a way to communicate among staff.  As a company grows, they develop a need previously unforeseen, like communicating to a vast number of clients via text messaging or monthly newsletters, or managing website content, or maintaining an internal database of archived documents and business entity forms.  Consortium Software provides just that; individual software products that both stand alone and become Stackable to interact with other pieces of the software enterprise. 

How can it help?

In an everyday example, an Employee fills out a time card, physically hands the form to Management, who delivers it to Accounting, who enters the data to create invoices and hours for HR, who then generates the payroll.  Typically a business will purge excess data, timesheets, and records after entry or as the required tax year ends.  Consortium Software allows the employee to enter the same data on their mobile device throughout the day, Management can approve it with TABs with the click of a button.  That same data can be turned into invoices with OBS, or can be audited using TABs for accuracy and quality of work, or reviewed directly by HR via either software to generate the payroll, and automatically archived into searchable digital storage indefinitely with Document Archiver. 

How can it benefit me?

No longer does the business in the example above deal with lost or forgotten timesheets, double entry or transcribing errors, or the need to house and physically store hundreds of documents.  Benefits don’t end there, the office in the example is now entirely paperless, and our clients love of our included encrypted chat software to communicate directly with ‘the employee’ or ‘the manager’ directly and find they spend much less time tracking down required information via endless phone calls.  Should any questions arise, a company can review all the data ever entered, including chat logs, time logs, GPS location, digital media, internal policy updates, form revision and so much more.  By offering documentation of the quality of work, the timestamp of work completed, and media attached to the job number, this protects against liability from lack of documentation like frivolous employee claims, or customer dissatisfaction that leads to litigation.  The benefits are endless!  View More Solutions