Consortium Software Tool Sets

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Convert Paper Forms to Digital

“I need to stop drowning in unorganized endless paper forms AND find the information quickly, but my forms are specific and complicated!”

Report Form Writer allows you to digitize and collect data from fully customizable & fillable forms accessible from phone, tablet or desktop in one centralized database.

Employee / Fleet Management

“I need to know where my vehicles are by the minute, track my staff, digitize my time card system, and store pictures and video associated with each job.” 

TABs does this and more, on or off-line!  See your fleet on a map, get job status updates, chat/text with staff, track vehicle mileage, and have it all stored in an on-line database accessible from anywhere.

Sales Pipeline & CRM

“I need to track my sales, organize and manage my leads, quotes, and make my sales team more effective and keep an eye on my sales pipeline.”

KPI Sales allows individuals and teams to collaboratively manage customers and leads start to finish with custom reminders, alerts when an email has been viewed/opened, and allows management to analyze individual performance.

Accounting, Invoicing, Inventory

“I need a better accounting software that can be customized to handle my growing business.  My current software is a huge waste of time and doesn’t let me do what I need.”  

OBS includes AR, AP, PoS (with integrated hardware capability such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers etc), full inventory control, e-commerce with the click of a button, and a full double entry general ledger.  All this fully customizable and scalable to your needs. 

Create an Online Course

“I need to create a low cost online course with testing and user log-ins but I don’t have a lot of time, money, or experience.”

Create, publish and share, your own online public or private courses with Training and Policy.  Track your students’ progress, transcripts, test scores, re-tests, attempt count, grades and set schedules, test limits, multiple instances, and manage individual logins.

Central Communication Tracking

“I need to track text and emails throughout my business and with my customers.”

UC Gateway features intelligent auto-response to reach and interact your clients or employees via text or email.  Schedule and confirm shifts or appointments, view and store historic communications, and set up custom notifications for anything you can dream up.

Policy Compliance & Monitoring

“I need to make sure my business and staff is in compliance with local laws and my employees are aware of business policies and procedures.”

Training and Policy offers full accountability for businesses that need to track and account for policy signing, policy updates, revision tracking, and verification of completion.  Several template policies included free to get started.

Easy Website Management

“I need a low cost website that I can build, maintain, and advertise myself.  I need to make sure it stays secure and don’t have time to learn all the lingo.”

Durable CMS allows you to access and update your site without any prior knowledge of programming.  Included is everything you need; DNS, security, SEO, templates, back-ups and more so you can simply focus on creating a custom and relevant presence for your business.


“I want to sync my notes across all my devices, cell phone, tablet, PC, laptop.”

Superior Note is a simple application that is handy for general notetaking on the go. Never misplace your notes again and access them from any of your devices with a web browser and an internet connection, ...and Leave the paper behind.

Digital Signs, Dashboards, Menus

“I need a digital sign and an easy way to display and update my info.”

Sign Controller is adaptable to any sized screen or touch screen display, can stream tickers and external content, and all info can be scheduled to change in advance or on the fly accessible from anywhere.  Ideal for trade shows, displaying advertising, showrooms, or up-to-date business statistics.

Corporate Legal Document System

“I need to setup a new company or LLC and maintain it properly.”

Legal Book & Seal provides corporate & LLC Tracking for Organizing and Securing All Your Corporate Records. LB&S has the only digital training and tool-suite specifically designed to manage and maintain all corporate requirements documentation.

Organize 3D Digital Assets

“I need to show my 3D models and offer an engaging augmented or virtual reality experience.”

Highly Altered offers shared or individual session technology hosting virtual reality, augmented reality, and model management capabilities.  Let your clients easily interact with your creative models on the web, on the HoloLens, or on all mobile devices.

Sharing Passwords

“I need a password manager that can keep my staff working, even when someone is out.”

One True Password is a corporate password management software that stores all critical sites, logins, and passwords.  Create custom password sharing tiers and track updates.  Encrypted and secure, centerally managed, and accessaible from anywhere.  

Routing My Fleet

“I need a smarter way of creating delivery routes and dropoff's.”

Dynamic Route Manager was developed to save your company time and fuel, both of which translate into saving money. Dynamic Route Manager goes to work to find the most efficient Route between your stops. Including re-organizing stops to make the route as efficient as possible.  

Project Manager

“I need help organizing my projects and deadlines."

Project Manager is a powerful strategy and task tracker. Use it as a stand-alone software to track planning a project, control risk, adhere to deadlines, and control completion. As simple as entering your goal and completion date, or as complicated as multi-level, multi-step, and multi-department projects spanning several years.